One of the best Lake Tahoe resorts. They usually get the most snow out of any storm hitting the Lake Tahoe resorts. Quiet midweek and some kind of busy on a weekend. Nevertheless the place to go when other resorts have crazy lines on weekends. There is skiing for everyone – beginner to experts will find enough good stuff to be busy for days. It’s usually about 50min driving from Heavenly village. But this can change during heavy snow combined with weekend crowds. I took me up to 90min. During and after heavy snow the road can be closed for hours due to avalanche control work. Make sure to be prepared for this.

Cornice Express, which is the only high-speed chair serves quite a lot of black and double black runs. Wagon Trail Chair is a very long and slow chair that brings you to the top of the resort. 11min on this chair is a nightmare but you get a lot of vertical and some challenging stuff especially on the right side of the chair. The “Wall” and runs L, M, and N are great fun.

Snowboarders will like this resort. Traversing is not a real issue.

Update February 19, 2009

Back at the resort I could almost not believe how much it changed. They added numerous buildings at the base providing much more on-hill accommodation. We skied the resort 2 days and it got massive amounts of snow. Up to 10 feet of snow in less than 10 days and parts of the resort were closed for several days. Thanks to this and the holiday week (President’s Weekend) the lines were insane and the resort tracked out pretty fast. According to locals mid week is still a quiet time unless they haven’t had snow in a long time.

Tickets prices went up from “good value” to too expensive. U$ 72 at the resort, discounted U$ 68 and some better online deals. Compared to other major resorts with more high-speed chairs, gondolas, and trams this is too much. Then again a mid winter season pass is a bargain for only U$ 259. For me that does not make any sense but other resorts in California and Colorado have the some concept.


On-hill accommodation $$$. Stay in Heavenly, which has good value motels and gives you the possibility to drive to other resorts.


  • Chains or 4×4 will be required and enforced during and right after a snowstorm.
  • Possible place to be on busy weekends.
  • Heavy wind will affect the resort bit time. All the good stuff might be on wind hold.

Discounted Tickets

  • Various but not all sport shops around Lake Tahoe.
  • Check for season passes. They are a great value if you ski there for a while.

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