Mt. Shasta is a “small” resort between Portland and Lake Tahoe. Easy to add while driving north or south on I-5. Only miles off the highway and usually spoiled with lots of snow. Conditions can change fast from poor to excellent, as in February 2009 when they almost had to close the resort due to a lack of snow and then got over 7 feet in about 10 days.

After a day at the resort, I got the impression that beginner to intermediate skiers will like this resort a lot. Advanced skiers have quite a few runs to enjoy, and on a powder day everybody should be happy. Without new snow, there is a lot of backcountry to keep you busy if you don’t mind hiking a lot.

Overall, I would stop again for some powder any time or go for some hiking if there is no fresh lift-accessible powder elsewhere.

They have a plan to add one chair on the “backside,” but after a few seasons without enough snow, especially during Christmas, it might be a few years until it becomes reality.

Today was President’s Day, and it was not busy at all. A one-minute lift line (maybe 2 or 3 at the beginner chair). During the week I’m pretty sure you can ski fresh powder for at least one day, and most likely much longer.

Tickets are $39 (2009), which is a great value compared to other resorts.


  • Plenty of motels and hotels in the area.


  • Stop on the way to Lake Tahoe or if you drive up north. With some fresh snow it’s a nice way to spend some hours during a long drive.

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