I kind of like this mountain. Nice steep spots but also some flat parts you have to take again and again. At first no lines at all; then around 10 AM we had to wait for about 3min and the locals already started to complain. Next time a 7min line was almost too much for them. They have no idea what long lines mean – BTW it was spring break and Aspen was fully booked. The afternoon was quiet again with only a minute or so to wait.

After skiing and hot tub we went out for dinner. Colorado is expensive but Aspen is crazy. We went out for dinner and had some sushi. I have never seen a “Rainbow roll” for U$ 18 + tax + tip. Even a simple “Maki Roll” is U$ 9 ++. Sure it was very good.


  • If you don’t like to spend $$$$ don’t stay in Aspen. Drive back to Gleenwood Springs. On the way you will see some motels but they are still on the $$ / $$$ side.

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