Once again, a great mountain for everyone. Great grooming (big beginner area) and endless amount of off-piste. They have single blacks, double blacks, and EX- double blacks, which means Expert-double black. The Ex doubles are really some of the best I have seen in a while (just like Kicking Horse). The “Extreme Limits” 448 acres are going to keep you busy for days.

I like almost everything about this mountain except:

Several EX-doubles involve hiking, and this over 3,000m above sea level!! The base is at 2,774m, and the peak at 3,707m. A day or two after new snow, I wouldn’t mind hiking a lot, but one week after a new snow, it’s not worth it.

The second thing: Don’t bring your new skis!! There are rocks everywhere off-piste. A snow base of 55” or more should be okay.

Midweek, it was very quiet, with no lines, but I have no idea about the weekend crowds. About 8h driving from Salt Lake.


  • If you want to save some money, go for a 10-min walk to the ski hill instead of ski-in/ski-out. This will save you about 20-30%.

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