This resort is much bigger than the other Aspen resorts but it was also a bit busier. Lines were generally between 2-5min and twice up to 10min. Many high-speed quads and one six pack. 4,400 vertical is more than many other resorts have to offer.

Big, flat, and steep, fast and a bit busy; the closure and a new chapter of “Paedde and the ski patrol.”

After one day I would rate it as a good to very good resort. Lots of green and blue but also some great double blacks and great tree skiing. My favourite spots are Hanging Valley Wall and Hanging Valley Glades.

Quite many double black runs were closed and I just couldn’t see a reason. Cirque Headwall and all other ways in there closed. Several runs of the Headwall as well as of the top of High Alpine Chair. And this is the reason why I got into an argument with the ski patrol:

While searching for some real steep stuff I came to the gate for “Possible.” The sign showed “Open” but the rope was closed. Open = open and I just did it. Well, on the way down there were 4 ski patrollers taking care of a badly injured skier. But one of them had time to stop me. “How did you go in here?” Well, I told them the sign shows “Open;” the rope was closed so I just did it like back home and considered the rope as a kind of “not recommended but open.” He explained that due to the injured skier they only had time to close the rope but another patroller will turn the sign to “Closed” soon. He made it clear that the rope has the higher priority than the sign and that I should never do that again. But because he knows how we handle that back home he let me go. Now my question: How the hell should I know and why does it take so long to turn a sign? I would just like to know what I should do next time when the sign shows closed but the rope is open?

In addition this has to be the worst place in regards to chairs slowing down or even stopping. Never a ride without several slow downs and/or full stops. I’m very happy that we don’t have this back home. There is some great tree skiing too.

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