We skied the resort mid week, and the mountain basically belonged to us. No competition at all. A resort with some great tree skiing. Not a lot of very steep stuff but at least some of it. With some fresh snow this resort would keep you busy for quite some time. Although if I had to choose between Tamarack and Brundage I would probably go for Tamarack. We didn’t have the best snow conditions as they had some rain-affected snow cover. So the resort might be better than we think. Maybe one day I will return to check this out. Important note: Never ever again should I order an Irish coffee at the base bar. It was the worst ever.

I just don’t know how they intend to make money. They are building apartments and hotels at the base like crazy but with probably a hundred skiers on the mountain all day I just don’t get it. We didn’t see a single skier on a run all morning and the afternoon became busy with a long lift line like 10 seconds (only once all day).

Now the best part. It’s a week since they got new snow but we basically had powder turns every single run. It’s hard to believe how much untracked powder we could find without or with just a few minutes of hiking. There is a waist amount of tree skiing.

For fans of freestyle the park is incredible. All the way from the top of Tamarack Express down to the base. I have never seen anything like that before.

They will try to create a second Sun Valley according to the marketing manager. So far they sold in a very short time an incredible amount of apartments and hotel rooms. It might be a good idea to ski there before it gets busy. Right now the resort is on 1,100 acres + a lot of backcountry but this will change within the next few years to about 3,000 acres and 2 additional high-speed quads.

Update March 2009

As of March 4, 2009, the resort has been shut down for an unknown period of time. A first ski resort victim to the financial crisis or probably many other reasons.

Too bad – I really liked the resort and the “uncrowded” fun we had. I hope new investors can be found although I don’t think that it will ever be a money-making resort.


  • Stay in McCall to save $$$.

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