What a great resort. Not one of the best but where do you get the newest, fastest high-speed quads all over the mountain, empty parking lot, friendly staff, reasonable prices for food, drinks, and even the day pass for “only” U$ 45 (2008).

I just don’t know how they intend to make money. They are building apartments and hotels at the base like crazy but with probably a hundred skiers on the mountain all day I just don’t get it. We didn’t see a single skier on a run all morning and the afternoon became busy with a long lift line like 10 seconds (only once all day).

Now the best part. It’s a week since they got new snow but we basically had powder turns every single run. It’s hard to believe how much untracked powder we could find without or with just a few minutes of hiking. There is a waist amount of tree skiing.

For fans of freestyle the park is incredible. All the way from the top of Tamarack Express down to the base. I have never seen anything like that before.

They will try to create a second Sun Valley according to the marketing manager. So far they sold in a very short time an incredible amount of apartments and hotel rooms. It might be a good idea to ski there before it gets busy. Right now the resort is on 1,100 acres + a lot of backcountry but this will change within the next few years to about 3,000 acres and 2 additional high-speed quads.

Update March 2009

As of March 4, 2009, the resort has been shut down for an unknown period of time. A first ski resort victim to the financial crisis or probably many other reasons.

Too bad – I really liked the resort and the “uncrowded” fun we had. I hope new investors can be found although I don’t think that it will ever be a money-making resort.

Update 2011

The resort reopened!! Very good news. Can’t wait to go back and see what changed. Will try go get there in 2012.Very cheap early bird season passes!!!


  • Stay in McCall to save $$$.

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