I got to ski this resort on two epic powder days. Based on this experience the general description would be by far too good. I had a blast on this mountain. The first day we had waist-deep powder. The locals call it “cold smoke” when you experience some of the best and driest powder on earth. The second day was still great as they opened the top part of the mountain.

Local ski hill of Bozeman.

To be realistic: This mountain has a great steep top part followed by a very flat lower part. Families as well as beginner and intermediate skiers will like it a lot but experts have to hike to get to the ridge, which is the best part of the mountain. This is probably the most frustrating hiking I’ve ever done. It is going right along an existing poma, which used to be open years ago. Locals complained about having too many skiers on the ridge and they decided to use it for ski patrol only. It’s a steep way up and once in a while a guy from ski patrol will pass you carrying a couple of skis. So if you’re very lucky you don’t need to carry your skis. Long (or should I say “insane”) lines are an issue on powder days.


  • Bridger is about 25min drive from Bozeman. Stay there to get cheap motels. In addition you can choose to ski Big Sky or Bridger from there.


  • Check the snow report even if there is little to no snow in the forecast. The so-called “Bridger Cloud” could stay over the mountain just like it happened to me. Forecasted 1” or so but we started the day with 22” and had 30”+ by lunchtime.

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