Once again, a great, very quiet resort. At 9am, only 12 skiers were waiting for the opening and despite the fact that it was Sunday, it was quiet all day. Never anyone in front of you and nobody on the way down. According to locals, it can be a bit busier, but only during Christmas and New Year. These are the few days when they run the old double chair in addition to the newer triple.

The front side is good for beginner to advanced skiers and the back side for advanced and experts. The double black diamonds on the back side are real double blacks. Unlike many other resorts, they really know how to rate runs.

The tree skiing is very variable. Some good stuff, but many areas are too tight.

Even before the first chair ride, the locals asked me where I’m from and stuff like this. They notice strangers right away. On the way up, I got an invitation to join a few locals during lunch break. They have their own private BBQ on top of the mountain. All day long somebody was skiing with me and showing me the mountain. They basically did a handover from one local to another. Very funny and very unique. Real deep powder days are not very common, as they get the good stuff in little packages.

Oh, and the trail map says it all: “Discovery has it all! Areas for Children & Beginners, Great Intermediate Runs & Outrageous Challenging Skiing on the Back Side” Well, I wouldn’t really use the word “outrageous” but otherwise the map tells just how it is.

Soon there should be a second access road, which would make the drive from Phillipsburg much shorter and easier.


  • Not on the mountain. Little town nearby called Phillipsburg with a motel or two. Missoula or Anaconda are options.


  • Add this resort while you travel north or south. It is well worth a day or even a few hours.

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  • Great value already; no discounts needed up here.

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