First big surprise was the parking lot. At 10:45 AM there were only a few hundred cars, and I could already see that there was almost nobody on the chair. Tickets are U$34 (2006).

Very icy road for the last 4 miles.

During the first ride on the chair I got the impression that there was not a good base but this changed half way up. I also had to change my mind regarding the size of the resort. The trail map makes it look much smaller than it really is. In fact this resort will keep you busy for days especially with new snow and if you like tree skiing a lot.

Now a word about the lines. Always right to the chair—not even one chair all day.

Second day: I got the first chair thanks to “Volantaddict” from the “Barking Bear Forum.” He is one of these guys waiting in line for an hour before opening just to get the first chair. When I arrived at the chair it was about 9:10 AM and only a dozen other guys were already waiting. By 9:30 AM a few more but still not bad at all.

I should mention the après ski. There’s a bar at the base where all the locals meet right after skiing. Lots of beer and great conversation. A place where you can easily meet the always friendly locals.


  • Plenty of great value motels in Missoula.


  • Very icy road for the last few miles. Drive carefully or your day will end before it even started.
  • If you’d like to meet some locals have a drink at the base pub. Can be busy during lunch and right after skiing.

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