We didn’t have the best conditions to get the best impression of the resort. However, right after the first run we didn’t really like the resort. Lots of flat stuff as well as lots of trees where you can’t ski. If you buy the Lone Peak Pass, which is U$ 78 (2006) you can ski Big Sky and Moonlight. But this is by far too expensive considering the time you spend to get from the Moonlight Base to the Peak including the waiting time at the tram. There’s some serious hiking possible from the top of Moonlight but conditions were just not good enough to do so.

Update 2016: Since our visit a few things have changed. Based on feedback of some friends a new chair and various other changes make this place together with Big Sky on of the best in the US. Steep skiing, lots of challenging lines. I have to go back one day…

Lines – I’m pretty sure they don’t even know what that means. They just don’t exist. Not on weekdays and not on weekends. According to some locals it’s just not possible to have any. A long high-speed six-pack chair—and we had it almost only for us.

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