A great resort as long as “The Chutes” are open. Otherwise still great for beginner to advanced skier and boarder. Grooming to perfection. Experts are bored without “The Chutes.” This area will keep you busy if you ski there while the snow is good. Mid week it is usually quiet but weekends are rather busy. 2 high-speed six packs will make sure that you get a lot of runs in one day. Out of bounds there is some hiking. Try the one toward the radio tower.

In 2005 they told us that the chutes are usually open very soon after a big storm. I have no idea if this is still the case. Don’t ski there if the area is officially closed. Ski patrol will get you and the chair to get you out of there is not running if the area is not officially open.


North Lake Tahoe: Lots of motels and other places to stay. Busy on weekends and peak season.


If you are into steep stuff make sure that the “Chutes” are open. Otherwise spend the day at another resort.

Discounted Tickets

Specials almost every weekday at the resort ticket counter – check website. Check sport shops but I’m not sure if you get any for this resort.

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