I did only ski there one day and more than half of the resort remained closed due to high avalanche danger. Therefore my impression of the whole resort might be not the best.

Update 2012

Finally I got a chance to return to Brighton and ski all the areas which had been closed due to avi danger when I was there years ago.

Thanks to Ron a ski patroller at Brighton and a friend for many years I got a perfect introduction to the resort.

They have high speed chairs all over the place. The runs are only steep on the very top followed by long intermediate runs back to the base. Great family resort and also if you are happy with lots of intermediate cruising in the trees and on perfectly groomed runs.

Lift lines are pretty much unknown according to Ron. This is totally different to many other resorts in the SLC area.

Access to the resort is easy by car or shuttle bus. Unlike the Canyon going towards Alta and Snowbird this Canyon is not as often affected by closures due to avi control work.

If you are into photo shooting don’t miss Milly’s area!

Discounted Tickets

Most sport shops in Salt Lake sell them. Some motels and hotels offer a U$ 50 pass, which you can use to get a ticket at 4 different resorts: Snowbird, Alta, Solitude and Brighton if I remember right.

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