The mountain itself is not one of my favourites. Without new snow I would probably not ski there at all. If you like to ski groomers and especially if you don’t like snowboarders you have to go there. In my opinion snowboards are not bad at all. They basically groom the mountain all day. I have never seen traverses and moguls in such bad shape after a few hours like I did at Alta and Deer Valley. If you like good food read the “Food” section.

After 2 days at Deer Valley here are the funniest things I have seen up there:

The longest lines at the “Complementary ski storage.” People wait there to get their skis back or leave them overnight. The second-longest line at the “Complementary personal belongings” storage. There you can leave your helmet, boots, etc. overnight or even during lunch.The guys at the gondola take your skis not only at the base but give them back to you on top and always with a smile and have a nice day.

The gondola has leather seats – very nice. They could only improve that by adding the heating like they do on the chairs in Lech, Zürs, and St. Anton. The multi-million dollar houses along the gondola not only have a semi-private access road but even more important a “private ski trail access”—sure enough all groomed to perfection and fully equipped with snow making.

The guys working at the chairs don’t just say “Hi” in the morning. It’s a very friendly “Good morning” and sometimes “Have a nice day.” That’s what you can expect when you are willing to spend U$ 70 for a ticket.

Oh and BTW the restroom is called “Gentlemen’s Lounge” and is almost as nice as the one at Snowbasin.

And not so funny: MONEY, money, and money again.


If you have $$$ stay at the resort. Otherwise drive back to Salt Lake.


  • One of a few places without lift lines even during busy days.
  • Did you ever see multi-million dollar houses with private ski trail including snow making? If not, go for a gondola ride.

Discounted Tickets

Most sport shops in Salt Lake sell them.


One of the best lunch buffets I have ever seen at a ski resort. The Stein Eriksen Lodge offers an “all you can eat“ lunch buffet. If you are up there make sure you don’t miss it. It’s open ‘til 3 PM but if you get there by 2:45 you can eat for at least an hour and this will be lunch and dinner at once. About U$ 30.—

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