First of all, yes there is still a lot of powder after a few days without fresh snow. But right after the first run it did remind me of Northstar in California. It is soooooo flaaaat and soooo sloooow. They actually have one high-speed quad but nothing to ski from there to keep you busy. Paradise chair is probably not too bad right after a storm as there is some good stuff along the chair but still nothing to get me too excited. I tried to get a quick overview but thanks to the slow chairs this takes forever.

Powder Country was open and sure some good stuff in there but you are down at the road within minutes and then you have to wait for some time ‘til the bus will bring you back to the resort. To get there again you need to take at least 2 chairs.

Cobabe Canyon is too flat. Regardless if you hike or just traverse you will get a few powder turns followed by an endless cat track back to the Paradise chair. To get there again another chair and a poma, traversing….

Lightning Ridge and James Peak is cat skiing for U$8/run. It’s a short cat ride and in my opinion not more than U$5 worth. From there you get some steep skiing but again rather short followed by a long way out back to the chair. To do it again 3 chairs and the cat. To get to the very top you will have to hike for quite some time after the cat ride. They say 20-30min but for me it looks more like 40+ to the top. Maybe I’m toooo sloooow tooooo.

Summary: Been there done that.

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