Another great Utah resort just over an hour’s drive from the Sandy area or just over 20min from Eden. The elevation is an issue as it is much lower than the Cottonwood resorts. So make sure to check the temperatures. It could rain while it is snowing elsewhere. You will find grooming to perfection as well as steep to very steep off piste with or without hiking. Most of the lifts are high speed and you don’t need to take care about the slow ones.

Too much fresh snow overnight might be an issue regarding avalanche closures. In 2005+2006 I got the impression that they opened everything as fast as possible but in 2007 they were terribly lazy. One day they basically closed whatever they could and did not open a single additional spot all day long. Within the 3 years I got the impression that the resort got more and more famous and the nonexisting lines in 2005 and 2006 are now more likely. Still not bad at all. Don’t forget to use the restroom. See Tip.


No on hill yet but try to find something in Eden. Usually great value and very close to the ski hill.


  • Use the restroom!! NO JOKE this has to be the nicest restroom at any ski resort in the world. I even overheard someone say: “In here I wanna retire and die.”
  • Day lodge at the base as well as the John Paul Lodge on top of John Paul Express are worth a break. Not that the food is exceptional but the lodge itself.

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Most sport shops in Salt Lake sell them.

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