This description is based on a day of pure spring skiing, with marginal-to-no snow on the lower mountain and limited snow on the upper mountain. Midwinter conditions will no doubt make it much better. Only the slow chairs remain the same…

We made it to the parking lot around 10:30 a.m., and only about 40-50 cars were in the parking lot. That’s how I like my skiing days to start.

There are three chairs (one quad and two triple), all on the slow side. The warm temperatures and the sunny weather worked hard on the snow pack. The groomers are still in “good shape,” at least the ones that are still open. The flathead chair was closed for the season due to lack of snow at the base area. Too bad. That chair would have provided access to some of the best terrain. Snowmaking down at the base of the chair could help a lot. We could still ski part of Bishop’s Bowl, but always had to take the cat track back to the Arrowhead chair. If it were midwinter, with good snow, I would definitely enjoy the constant vertical.

It was quiet all day, and I can’t even imagine that it’s busy on a weekend, but I might be wrong.

The small restaurant at the top, with a limited selection of food, is worth a break. Its style is very “old school,” and it has a fireplace. On the walls are all kinds of very old equipment, which is reminiscent of our fathers’ or grandfathers’ days of skiing and climbing. The sport shop and the front office for on-hill accommodations are located in one of these old buildings.

There seems to be some good back country, but again, there was not enough snow to really see what people actually do.


If you go there, make sure the entire resort is open, otherwise you might get bored after about half a day.

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