Formerly known as Nordic Valley. Wolf is a very small family resort that is perfect for beginner and intermediate skiers. Advanced and expert skiers are not really gonna be happy up here, but that’s not what they have in mind at all. Ticket rates show that they really wanna attract families and beginners. This has to be the best value in skiing I have ever seen. E.g. Tuesday 4pm to 9pm is “2 bucks Tuesday.” First ticket is $12 and the second is only $2. There are daily specials all week.

They have 3 slow double chairs, 2 for the beginner area and one going “all the way” up for beginner and intermediate skiers. 

I’m not sure if there is any BC skiing. I could see a sign but have no idea if it’s any good. Too bad that there is no chair going all the way up to the top of the mountain. This would make it much more interesting.

Open 12h a day!!


Nearby Eden will provide plenty of accommodation from $ to $$$.

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Great value and lots of specials every day.

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