Report is based on several days of skiing in 2005 and 2006. ‘Til then the old tram was still in operation. The new tram (which will be ready for the 2008/09 season) might improve the whole situation a bit—although I doubt that the lines will not exist anymore.

The tram is a real pain and the rest of the lift system needs an update as well. Not enough high speed stairs and $65 (2007) is not the deal of the day. During the whole day there was a line for the tram. Once we decided to wait for it and spent 45min to get on the top. On all other chairs we had to wait up to 10min.

Yes, Jackson is a great mountain but I would never come back on a busy weekend. According to Steve the locals are crazy on a big powder day. Although the lifts open at 9 AM they start to line up at 6 AM.

Overall the mountain is great. Steep and very steep areas, BC with and without hiking.

With great snow (read fresh) it is heaven but make sure you don’t expect any good snow when the weather has been too warm for a few days. It is “all” south facing and it will be rock hard and icy.


Staying in Jackson instead of Teton Village will save you a lot of money. Good value motels as well as apartments and studios are usually available even without reservation.


  • Don’t miss stopping for a drink or two after skiing at “Mangy Moose.”
  • Great place to spend some time after skiing. MUST GO!

Discounted Tickets

None in Jackson as far as I know.

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Best Time

Maybe early season

Worst Time