About 1h 30min and 130km from Fernie. This mountain is a must and will keep you busy for days. The tree skiing can make it very nice even on a bad weather day. It’s probably one (or the only one) of the remaining local secrets in Alberta. Don’t tell anyone!

Great resort in the middle of nowhere. Somebody told me that there is some on-hill accommodation. When I was there they had only a hostel at the base. Heavy wind will be a big issue. All the good stuff could be closed or white out conditions will create a nightmare. To hit the resort on a bluebird powder day has to be a dream. I hope I will one day.


If you have $$$$ “The Lizard Creek” SkiIn-SkiOut and absolutely great rooms especially the apartments. If you have $$$ or $$; they have various hotels and apartments on the hill. SkiIn and/or SkiOut. If you have $ or $$ try to find something in Fernie rather than on the hill.


  • In case of a major snow storm and you don’t stay on the mountain don’t risk it. Especially if you stay in Fernie and intend to drive back after skiing. Crowsnest pass might be closed for the night or even remain closed for a longer period of time.

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