In the middle of nowhere. Very small and not steep enough. They get incredible amounts of snow. Usually open only Thursday to Sunday and this will make Thursdays very often to powder days. However, I don’t think it is worth the driving. We had no fresh snow and got bored before lunch. According to locals backcountry is great but I have no idea how it really is.

Day pass is now CAD 45 (was 35 a few years ago). They have no snow making and don’t need it anyway because they are spoiled by incredible amounts of snow. But it is too expensive.

According to a friend there has to be some great skiing but I don’t know anything about it and I’m not gonna drive that far again to find out. Well, maybe I will.


Limited on hill. Make sure to have a reservation. There might be nobody on the whole  mountain except you. We got a huge chalet for CAD 170 / night sleeps 8+. Mackenzie for $ and $$.


  • Should you intend to stay on the mountain make sure to get your groceries at Mackenzie.
  • When I was up there they had only terribly old skis and boards for rental. This might be different because the owner changed in the meantime.
  • Although some maps show the resort to be in a different time zone than Mackenzie this is not the case anymore. They moved the sign 100 meters….

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