Heliskiing is like skiing in heaven. However, there are a few things to note. The company: Selkirk Tangiers is a well known heliskiing company in Revelstoke. After 29 years, the company was sold in 2007 to the former cat skiing company that operated above the only chair lift in Revelstoke. Formerly called “Powder Springs,” the resort is now known as “Revelstoke Mountain Resort.”

The weather: It can be a big issue. Days with limited or no heliskiing are very common. There is no specific time of the year for this activity, which can be good or bad. I heliskied three times and had the following skiing to no-skiing rate:

2001: 5 out of 7
2002: 4.5 out of 7
2003: 1 out of 7!!

2003 was a real exception, and according to the operation, this happened only once in over 20 years.

Only heavy wind and/or fog can stop the operation. Otherwise, they will make sure that you get some of the best tree skiing possible. As soon as visibility gets better, you will be back on the high part or even on the glacier.

The area: Simply amazing. Over 200 runs guarantee that you ski fresh powder every single run, even if there is no new snow for over a week. If there is new snow, you might ski the same area almost every day, but who cares if there are fresh tracks all day long?

The snow: Usually amazing. Light and dry. At times, only the upper part of mountain is good, but then they try everything to stay as high as possible to provide you with the best possible snow.

The $$$: High; in fact, very high. But as I already mentioned, it is heaven on earth.

If there is no heliskiing for the day: Until 2007, there was only one double-chair at Powder Springs resort, and it ran on weekends and during holidays. Skidoo was an option for a day or so. Now, it is a different story. After many years of planning, they opened the new resort, Revelstoke Mountain Resort, with one 8-passenger gondola and one high-speed quad chair. Within the next year, they will add many chairs (one more already in 2008) to make Revelstoke the resort with the most vertical in North America.


The Hillcrest Hotel is the perfect way to spend time before and after heliskiing. Sometimes you start your day right in front of the hotel, and  other times, they drive you to a different location and spend a full day in the area. However, you don’t need to concern yourself with this.





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