Absolutely a MUST GO resort if you are in Canada. I could probably write forever about all the good stuff up there but rather than that just a few details.

It’s huge and will keep you busy for days. Beginner all the way up to experts are going to be happy at this resort.

It can get a lot of snow but it can also rain at the base area. This is related to the amazing vertical you get combined with the location near the ocean. While Whistler Village is located in a temperate rain forest and precipitation is heavy in this area, that precipitation meets colder temperatures on the mountain to create snow. So if you every experience rain in the village don’t worry it is all good on the mountain. Almost for sure it is the most expensive resort in Canada but also one of the best. Nevertheless you can find “affordable” accommodation as long as you don’t ski there during peaks season. No need to describe the good stuff. Just ski and open your eyes but having a local to show you around would be fantastic. No need to change from one to the other mountain as one of them will keep you busy all day long or I better say several days. However there is the new Peak-to-Peak Gondola and it is fantastic. Easy smooth ride from one mountain to the other with great scenery. I was very skeptical when they announced the gondola. For me it was only marketing gimmick for the 2010 games but now after riding it in 2009 I’m already convinced it was not only about this. I went to the “wrong” mountain one morning and could correct this “mistake” within minutes. Gondola was included in the ticket, which  was CAD 94 in spring 2009. Check for discounts online.


  • There is a so-called “First Tracks Ticket” you can buy for an additional CAD 17 + Tax (2008). You should be at Whistler Gondola by 7 am. The first 600 skiers / boarders go up the mountain @ 7:15. On top you get first of all a nice cold and hot breakfast buffet. As soon as avalanche control is done the first two chairs open for the early birds. It’s usually the “Big Red Express” and the “Emerald Express.”
  • Discounted tickets are available if you stay at certain motels and hotels. Not sure about the discount you get. I usually spend the first night in Squamish and get all the tickets there. There used to be a discounted ticket at 7-Eleven but I have no idea if this is still the case. Also check online.
  • A fog layer above the village doesn’t always mean poor skiing. More than once I have had a bluebird day above mid mountain while the village remains below in fog all day or at least most of the day.

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