We arrived at Bottop just after 9am and got ready for skiing while it was about 18C (66F) outside. 640m (1920 feet) sounds like a long run, but it doesn’t feel long. First, it is rather flat and in addition to that, the snow is sticky. The light should be much better as well. You don’t really get a lot of speed, and it’s over before you really started. The way back to the top is different at each snowdome. Bottrop has a very long “magic carpet,” or I might better call it a conveyer. Not the most comfortable way but not too bad compared to what we got at the end of the day at another snowdome.

August ‘07: Part of the“4 Snowdomes in 3 Countries plus Water-ski in One Day”. The longest snowdome in the world.

After 1h, it was time to go back to the car, get out of the winter clothes, and drive about an hour to the next “resort.”

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