On the 1st of May, and almost 100% of the resort and all major lifts were open. This is what I like about a resort in the spring time: reduced lift rates and still great skiing.

Right from the start, I liked the resort a lot. Wide open areas with countless opportunities for freeriding. To allow the sun to soften the spring snow, we spent the morning on the south (-eastern) facing side and the afternoon on the north (-western) facing part of the resort. Nothing very steep but definitely good enough to keep you busy for quite some time. After one day, I will add this resort to the list of “well worth a day or two freeriding resorts,” and I have to come back at mid-winter to check the tree skiing on the lower part of the mountain. Officially not allowed, but in Italy not allowed usually means nothing, or at least that no one will care about it.

Besides the very easily accessible off piste areas, we could also see several areas where you need to hike a few minutes, but it will add some great terrain. At mid-winter, you should be able to ski down to the valley almost wherever you’d like and then just walk back to the lifts. If you don’t mind hiking a bit longer, you can add several bowls and ski from there all the way down.

The lift system is up to date with gondolas, high-speed quads, and six packs. There are some old T-bars and chairs, especially in the beginner area and a total lift capacity of over 47,000/h.

Terrain park: A huge one with a wide range of different features.

The atmosphere in the resort is very relaxed—in the typical Italian way—and the Aprés ski is relatively inexpensive.


Countless from * all the way to ****: hotels, pensions, apartments, and chalets. Might not be very cheap at mid-season but easy access to the resort. Either ski in/ski out, or you can use the free ski bus. A total of about 10,000 guest beds in the resort.


  • Livigno is a tax-free area. Alcohol, meat, tobacco, clothes, and many other things are much cheaper (e.g. dinner like lasagne, salad, and a beer for about 12 Euro).
  • If you have your own car, make sure that the tank is almost empty when you get there. Gas is tax-free, too, about 30% cheaper than in Switzerland and even more compared to the Italian or German price.

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