The biggest snowdome in the world, at least until 2009, but this might change as there are many new snowdomes planned all over the world.

August ‘07: Part of the“4 Snowdomes in 3 Countries plus Water-ski in One Day.

520m long and even a restaurant halfway down. Best light, best lift system, absolutely great BOSE sound system. Good snow and very friendly staff. I could hardly believe that they have a 6-pack chair, several pomas, and other lifts. No idea how it looks during holiday periods, but it could be very busy. However, today it was not busy at all, although once we had to wait one chair! There are several runs, and you can even get a trail map. Overall, this is the best snowdome we visited all day. The combination of a comfortable chair, the size, the light, the snow quality, and the music makes it number one.

After this one, it was time to drive to Belgium for the 4th snowdome.

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