Zinal is not a huge resort but has hundreds of off piste “runs.” Not very long if you stay or have to stay on the upper part of the mountain. If you can ski all the way to the valley, it is great.

The first impression in the morning was not the best. A huge line for the tram despite the fact that we skied there after peak season at the end of March. Nevertheless, after the tram, we never had to wait even a minute. One high-speed, one slow quad chair, and several pomas and T-bars. Overall, the lift system needs an upgrade, and this will start in summer 2009 when they change the tram to a bigger one. I hope this will be enough, but I’m pretty sure powder days and peak season are still gonna be a bit of a pain.

If you get bored at Zinal, you can ski to Grimentz, where you can take a shuttle back to Zinal. All the 5 Val D’Annivier ski resorts are on same ticket.

I need to go back and spend more time at the resort to get a better impression and be able to update this report accordingly.

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