It’s not easy to say whether I love or hate the resort. It is big and it has great terrain, but there is one big “but”—THE WIND. I never have experience a resort with so much wind for days. Unfortunately, to be happy at this resort (as an expert), you need Marte to be open. According to locals, this is only the case about 2 times a week. If Marte is closed, you can get up there by cat, but this is $$$. Without Marte, you will be happy for a day or two and then get bored big time. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced skiers will be ok for quite some time, but then again, there are much bigger resorts to spend a week at.

This description is based on several days at the resort.

We did the cat skiing for one run and it was $100. Sometimes you get 2 runs for the same money, but we never figured out exactly why 2 runs can cost the same as one. Cat skiing is only available when Marte is closed. This will always be decided in the morning and around lunch time. To book the cat, you need to go to the ski school, which is near the ticket office.

With Marte open, I’m sure you could spend day after day at the resort without ever getting bored. Simply heaven—steep heaven. If I ever go back, I will make sure to take my skins and hike it a few times in case the never-ending wind is present as always.


Hotels and apartments are available but quite expensive. We found a big 2-bedroom apartment (ski in, ski out) for $333 a night for the 4 of us. Would also be ok for 5 or 6. We had no reservations and just asked when we arrived at the resort. At mid-winter that might be a problem.


If you have an apartment, make sure to buy your groceries long before you drive towards LL. There is a supermarket on the mountain, but you won’t find everything and it is $$.

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