If you don’t mind walking or hitchhiking, there is a great SC run from the resort down to the road towards Valle Nevado. You can also hire a private driver in Santiago and he will be your taxi back to the resort. Will cost you some money, but if you are with a few guys, it is still a great value in skiing, and the run is well worth it. Not at all recommended when avalanche risk is considerable or higher.

This description is based on just a few hours of skiing at the resort with good snow but nothing to be too excited about. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced skiers will have many options to have fun for a day. Experts might be bored quite soon. With fresh powder, everybody will be happy for sure. If you have only one or two days of skiing at the 3 Valleys, you can buy a combined ticket for El Colorado and Valle Nevado.


I stayed in Santiago de Chile but would never do that again. By using the public transportation you will spend 12h to go skiing and you will have to sit on a shuttle that drives quite slowly on a narrow road climbing 2000 vertical meters (6600 feet).


If you don’t like 1.5 to 2h of travelling before and after skiing, stay on the mountain and not in Santiago.

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