Cortina used to be a secret in the Hakuba Valley, nobody knew much about it and skiing off piste was strictly forbidden. We had a few years of amazing cat and mouse games with the ski patrol. Untracked powder even days after the last storm but this all changed:

A few years ago the management decided to open part of the resort for tree skiing. The number of skiers increase day by day and the following season they open even more areas for legal off pist skiing. Even more skiers came and then they finally did not to care anymore where you ski. Since then the number of skiers increase to a level where lift lines like we know from the US, Canada or Europe are normal on powder days. Still you can get many good runs and then there is the “make your own pizza” restaurant (or several others) where you can use your 1000 yen lunch ticket which is included in the very cheap all day or half day deal. Followed by an onsen there is no way to go wrong and any Cortina day will be a good day.

Cortina is linked with Norikura and you can get a combined ticket which is not needed. On top if you take the combined ticket lunch and onsen are not included.



A great place to spend your time in Hakuba. Lodge with various options to stay. Single, double, and quad rooms, suites. Internet, common kitchen, living and TV room, etc.

Or even better stay at the Cortina Green Plaza Hotel with ski-in ski-out, all you can eat breakfast, lunch and all you can eat dinner, onsen, all of this for amazingly low rates!


If only the lower part of the mountain is open, don’t go there. It sucks!

Best deal you can get is the discounted day pass incl. 1000 yen lunch and onsen (3500 yen in 2013/2014). Just ask for the PackageDeal at the ticket office. Don’t miss the onsen; it is one of the nicest in the area.

Discounted Tickets

A 1000yen voucher for food, entry to the very nice onsen, and skiing for as little as 3500 yen. It doesn’t get any better.Half days are 3000yen with food and onsen. PackageDeal at the ticket office.

How To Get There

If you like to be there before opening: By bus and train: first to Hakuba Station, train to Minami Otari, and then the shuttle to the resort. Train is 230 yen one-way. Shuttle is free. Taxi is probably about 6000 yen.

Since the 2010/2011 Season you can take the free shuttle to Happo Information Center and from there a free bus to Cortina. Be there early on big powder days with might be very busy.

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Weather Affection

Wind not so much but big snowfalls often leave the upper part of the resort closed for a day due to avalanche risk.


Yes all open and ok with ski patrol

Linked with

with Norikura