This review is based on only an hour or two of skiing at this resort. One day during the 2010/2011 season we decided to go for a bit of an exploration day and ski 4 resorts in one day.  The aim was just to get a quick impression to help decide if we should return on a powderday.

Might not be the best way to write a resort review but some resorts are so small in Japan that even after one hour and just a few runs you simply know if you will return or if a resort is more suitable for the other kind of skiers.

Sanosaka is one of the 3 resorts that make up an area called Sun Alpina. I skied parts of Sun Alpina 4 years ago but since then the middle resort closed which makes it now impossible to ski more then one resort without having a car or taking a train. We also got in trouble with the ski patrol 4 years ago and therefore had no chance to really explore this part of the resort. Overall there is not much to say. Pretty small, several mogul fields, very few tree areas where you can get a few powder turns. Good lift system. If you are a beginner or intermediate skier / boarder this place is well worth a day as the view is great and they still have special offers on certain days. E.g. 2000 yen men’s tickets on Wednesdays.



A great place to spend your time in Hakuba. Lodge with various options to stay. Single, double, and quad rooms, suites. Internet, common kitchen, living and TV room, etc.

Discounted Tickets

Special days with very cheap tickets – check the website for up to date details
Packages with Food, Onsen and Ticket for less then 4000 yen


There is soooo much good food in Hakuba. Here just a few which you should try:
– Marukame Korean BBQ – my no. 1 in Hakuba!
– Oshimo – near Train Station – my 2nd no. 1 in hakuba!
– Non Jae – go with all your friend and order and many different things as you want and share!
– Kikyo-Ya – For the best Sushi in Town
– Gravity Worx – Past an Pizza soooo gooood
– Sumou Tei
– And many more

How To Get There

Car about 20min from Hakuba, Free Shuttle bus

Resort Homepage


Weather Affection



Yes very limited and most likely not allowed

Best Time


Worst Time

Weekends if at all

Linked with

No in 2010 and 2011. It was linked and was part of Sun Alpine but the middle resort closed. Rumors about reopening in 2011/2012 season