This resort is just under two hours from Hakuba. I might be wrong, but based on only one day of skiing at this resort, I got the impression that it is focused on beginner, intermediate, and some advanced skiing. Expert skiers may get quickly bored here.

The resort is much higher than Hakuba, which got too warm. The snow quality is better, and it stayed cold all day. Shiga is the biggest resort in Japan. Several small areas are linked, and you need a shuttle bus to reach some of the terrain. We managed to ski several areas, but it would take days to ski everything and probably a week to find all the good runs. Trees are generally tight, and the runs are short or very short. Shiga is probably a very good family resort that can keep you busy for a week or longer. The beginner areas are busy, but the more advance runs were quiet all day long.

All off-piste areas are out of bounds, and signs tell you to “keep out” of many areas. We didn’t see any ski patrol, so we don’t know how serious they take these restrictions.

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