This review is based on only an hour or two of skiing at this resort. One day during the 2010/2011 season we decided to go for a bit of an exploration day and ski 4 resorts in one day.  The aim was just to get a quick impression to help decide if we should return on a powderday.

Might not be the best way to write a resort review but some resorts are so small in Japan that even after one hour and just a few runs you simply know if you will return or if a resort is more suitable for the other kind of skiers.

When we first visited Togakushi we had heard very little about this resort which is just over an hours drive from Hakuba. We had forgotten the resorts name and didn’t have exact directions.  We only knew the general direction in which it lay. We decided to start driving anyway.

From Hakuba there are other ways to reach the resort but we took the “backroad” and this is for sure not a road you would ever consider driving during a storm (if it opens at all). Turn after turn, up and down and very slow. On the way we got lost a few times and without navigation system and not speaking Japanese we did not really know if we were ever gonna make it to the resort. Just after we had given up and had decided to just keep driving towards Nagano we finally saw a resort and stopped without even knowing if this was the one we were looking for. Lucky for us it was and thanks to the long opening hours we got one good hour of skiing / exploring including some good sugary powder turns.

Not sure how the ski patrol likes it but based on the very few tracks off piste, probably not too much. There are some short tree runs and there might be enough terrain to keep you happy for a day. There is BC access but it was too late to check any of it. Overall good lift system incl. some high speed quads. Beginner and intermediate will find plenty of good groomers, advanced and experts might need to hike the BC sooner than later to find enough challenging stuff. Nevertheless on a powderday I would sure come back and find out how much the ski patrol likes us.



How To Get There

By car probably about an hour from Nagano. Likely to have a shuttle too.

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