This review is based on a very brief visit at the resort.

Tomamu has a pretty unique way of allowing skiing pretty much where ever you like. If you intend to leave the well groomed runs you have to register at the base area and sign a form.

Basically you confirm that you know what you are doing, that you are a good enough skier and they warn you about all the hazards you might find out there. Then you get a yellow vest which you have to wear all day. It will show the ski patrollers that you signed the form.
Ducking ropes and even skiing under the lift line did not lead to any trouble with the ski patrol. O contraire they even ask if we need any help when we setup for a picture right under the chair. A bit later the patroller came back and double checked if still everything was ok.

The resort overall is best for beginner and intermediate skiers. Off piste areas will be good for intermediate and advanced skiers if they are not yet into deep powder and want to give it a try. A good place to work on your skills. Experts will be bored very soon due to lake of steep areas and some of the trees are simply too tight to have fun. There is one area which is earn your turns but even this does not give you much more vertical.

Sure a cool family place with many huge hotels right at the base area all ski in ski out.

Easy access by car and public transportation. If you stay in Furano you can take a shuttle bus for a day trip. If you like to jump off some avi gates you can find them on the way but the police will not be too happy about it – we did it anyway and had plenty of fun.

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