Once again the very weird „distribution“ of the snow made it extremely difficult to decide on where to go skiing. After checking for hours we decided to try out a new resort about 250km away from Zurich called Les Marecottes.

A day pass for only CHF 39 and valid at 6 different resorts nearby was a surprise. I didn’t know that we still get some good skiing below 40 with most resorts being on the 50, 60 or even 70+.
Overall the resort is rather small and has a very limited lift capacity. Early season this is for sure not an issue as we never had to wait even a second. Not sure if this is the case during the holiday season. A gondola will bring you from the base to mid mountain where you have to take a slow double chair to the top. One or two more lifts but no need to use them. From the top you can add a hike to ski down the “backside” but on Saturday this was a bit too risky in terms of avi danger as well as the low snow pack on the lower mountain.
Some good skiing, some pillows and more. They even have some tree skiing which is not very common in Switzerland but you have to find your lines otherwise it is too tight.
Conclusion: Nice if you are nearby, too far if you drive there for one day from Zurich and also too small to spend more then a day (but as mentioned you can use the same pass for several resorts). Best for intermediate to advanced.