Uvex Snowstrike VT – Googles – tested for www.powderguide.com – german version only




Mammut – Barryvox Element


Looking for a new LVS – Avi Beacon check this extensive field test which I executed in January 2012 and was published on the partner website (German version only).

For more details check www.mammut.ch

Mammut is the offical avalanche safety partner of Powdermania.

RESQSKI – Ski finder

Product of the Season 2012/2013 – Powdermania Gold Award

RESQSKI – Revolutionary electronic ski finder

They did it! Ever since I had to search my own ski in waist deep powder while my friends enjoyed another run in untracked deep powder I always wanted to have something on my skis to allow searching them when lost.

After waiting for over a decade and many talks about it with friends it finally is on the market. So far it sounds like I’m part of it but no, unfortunately for me it was always only an idea but now the guys of RESQSKI lunched the product in Autumn 2012.

Testing it under real condition did not show any problems and the radius of 30m was always ok with or without line of sight to the lost ski.

Uvex Downhill 2000 Polavision Pro – tested for www.powderguide.com – german version only

Uvex Downhill 2000 Polavision Pro




Hotronic SnapDry


Wet boots in the morning usually mean cold uncomfortable feet all day. Simply try SnapDry the perfect boot and glove dryer.

The timer can be set 1-24h so it’s hassle free after you’ve turned it on. 1-2h is good enough unless you had to cross a river with your ski boots like I sometimes do in Japan. Hint: Put you damp gloves on top of the boots leaving only a small opening for air circulation and set the boot dryer to 3 or 4h. This will allow for drying boots and gloves at the same time without changing anything.

Hotronic footwarmer

Suffering from cold feet? No problem, simply try the Hotronic footwarmer.
The footwarmer works for ski boots or any other shoos. Easy to install and no matter how long your day will be, the powerful battery pack will last long enough – even a second day if you use the “Plus e4” on the lowest settings.

Review The Powder Bible

After reading TPB I can honestly say that this is exactly what it is all about.

I know Richard for many years and while he was instructing the rich and famous at Deer Valley I was already doing “My thing”. Storm chasing in the US and Canada year after year. During one of the Snow Safaris I met Richard and had the pleasure to ski with him at Snowbird. One of the best powderdays I had at Snowbird. We share the passion of skiing powder and both agree that skiing on groomers is totally overrated.

After my own 11 snow safaris; skiing about 600 days in powder I fully agree that the only way of getting unlimited powder is to follow the storms or even better be ahead of them by a day. Combined with the very helpful stats in TPB you will sure be at the right spot at the right time.

If you plan on a powder chasing trip you should defiantly invest a few $$ and buy “The Powder Bible” It will help you in many different ways and will also increase you chance of skiing powder almost every day.

Overall rating of www.powdermania.com 4 outta 5 snowflakes.


Looking for a new LVS – Avi Beacon check this extensive field test which I executed in November 2010 and was published on the partner website (German version only).